Sol Morén - konstnär Sol Morén
bild av bergslandskap
hide and seek

Is it possible to meet new people from another country for the very first time and immediately start a cooperative working process? This was the task given to two Swedish and two finnish artists in the summer of 2005.
Laikas kamera The artists met for the first time on the 4th of July. Sol Morén and Jonas Holmberg, came by ferry to Vaasa, Finland where Lauri Wuolioand Eeva-Lotta Niemi met up. They had lunch in the pergola, and brainstormed about the project to become. Each of them told a little bit about his or her working methods, and wishes for the project. Soon they realized that everyone was all interested in video and sound. They had a two week residency at the beautiful mountain villa, Ricklundgården in Saxnäs, Sweden. Eeva-Lotta and Lauri would arrive one day before the others, get to know Saxnäs, and find a place to hide. Sol, Jonas and Ivan would then take their maps and try to find them.

They had agreed on certain rules, e.g. how far to go from Ricklundgården, if the hiding places were allowed to be swapped, and when we all had to meet if those hiding hadn’t been found. Everyone would have video cameras, and document the whole event. Nobody was allowed to act, and anything could be filmed. For the rest of the period they edited one video film each with the exact same length, not knowing what the others did. When they started looking at our material, it was almost scary how close they were to each other all the time during the Hide and seek. They had filmed each other, sometimes without knowing, until afterwards when we zoomed in the frames. This was all the more remarkable, as there were no rules when it came to how far and where we could go! They all agreed that there must be a great deal of intuition involved! Coming from both Sweden and Finland they had some different opinions about the game of hide and seek, which made the project increasingly interesting in the end.

The result became two films, 7 minutes each, that are to be shown simultaneously, as a video installation projected on two walls. As an exhibition, this artistic project is easy to get into for the audience. Hide and seek exhibition can be appreciated by most peopleand could trigger discussions about how we use cultural games to get to know each other. Hide and seek was exhibited in Nelimarkka Museum, Finland 2006.

Laika ser på kartan
Lauri is smart
Laika ser på kartan