Sol Morén Sol Morén - konstnär
fem olika bilder av samma fjäll
drifting clouds

Drifting Clouds is a short film inspired by the Japanese artist Hokusai and his fashination for the mountain of Fuji. It deals with the question of repetition, of the same wiew changed by the elements of time. The film shows a day of the mountain, from dusk til dawn, with the long hours of blue, the clouds changing, snow falling, and how the sun returns. The wether in the mountains often change rapidly, and one wiew becomes many different wiews, if only you have the time to see. Jonas Holmberg has composed music for this film.
blå timmen över Marsfjäll People living in the post industrial societies are in the middle of a constant flow of information, growing stronger and faster every day, as it seems. We engage in global questions, wich is necessary when it comes to environmental questions. Sol has chosen to work with nature, in film and sound, to create a room where you don't have to engage your consciousness. She creates artistic rooms that offers time for recreation from the surrounding flow of information, the way being i nature or meditating does.