Sol Morén - artist Sol Morén
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In twilight, when the father looks into the blue crystal ball he can see his family, small and helplessly wandering around. But in reality, they are strong, independent and no longer needs him. To dispel his gloomy thoughts the family decides to make a journey with the sailing boat they call the Adventure.
wave by the shore



The family set course towards the end of the ocean. There is a small dot on the map that just might be an island.

It turns out to be the island of the great mysterious lighthouse that dwells in its darkness. The last outpost against the endless seas.

Late in summer, I made an adventurous journey to the island of Fetheregg, in the sailing ship of nostalghia. We went out by the clear sky to the calm sea.

Approaching the island were welcomed by a great storm. Suddenly we had fifteen meters wind per second and a broken engine.

I become involved in the site I visit. The place will become a friend of mine. Every new place makes me a new person.

I got up early and went out to the lighthouse at dawn. The sun had not yet had time rise above the horizon, the sky was cloudless with a lonely moon looking down at the sea.

In the repetition by the image of the same place but with a slight shift in time, it becomes clear, how the place really differs from itself.

The place is really many places, just as I am many people.